Plunger Overflow & Waste Unit

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An all-in-one stunning design with no overflow needed in the bath.  The water fills the plunger which incorporates a built-in overflow and plug system.  Simply lift and twist the plunger to empty the water from your bath.

This model is designed to be a free standing unit next to the bath, for a plunger unit to be built into marble please see suggested products.

Product Information

  • DAD1102
  • 674mm

Drawings & Manuals

Our approach to Brass

In a world of mass production and machine-made products Drummonds adhere to traditional manufacturing where attention to detail is key and time, patience and skill absolute necessities.

We use lost wax casting, a traditional process involving hand carving in wax, creating unique mould’s each time. This method allows extremely fine detail to be reproduced exactly as intended.

Time and care is then taken over the polishing of each piece to achieve an exceptional quality and finish, before each product is assembled, checked and packed by hand ready for delivery.

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