The Clyde

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Deep, grand and very comfortable, The Clyde is a luxurious single ended roll top bath with the option of bath taps and a plunger unit or standard waste. The Clyde in Glasgow is famous for its boat building past with the Queen Elizabeth, Mary and QE2 all constructed here.

Please note that the Clyde bath is ideal with a plunger unit and large bath taps. If you chose a mixer unit you will not be able to have the plunger unit.

The fusion of dry frit vitreous enamel with their cast iron core give a Drummonds bath the quality and resilience that stands the test of time.

Bespoke exterior finishes include:
- A raw cast iron oxidised coated finish
- A primed and smoothed exterior
- Matt or gloss paint matching and RAL colour
- A polished & lacquered exterior
- A custom finish for something unique

For a painted finish, please select a Primed bath and add a Painted Finish to your wishlist, specifying your chosen colour.



Product Information

  • DAD1017A
  • 1830mm
  • 750mm
  • 645mm
  • 155kg
  • 220

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Our approach to Iron

Drummonds' bathroom products are made to order by hand in the company's own foundry and workshops.

All Drummonds’ baths are made from solid cast iron using the time-honoured sandcasting technique first used by the finest Victorian foundries. Each part of the process is hands on, from the hand carving of the resin patterns to the hand pouring of the hot, liquid iron into each individual mould. It is these skilled techniques that give Drummonds’ cast iron baths the quality and thickness that makes them distinctive and durable.

Enamelling and hand-finishing each bath is a process where attention to detail is key. Our unique powdered enamel is sprinkled by hand up to five layers thick, resulting in the beautiful, undulating finish that forms the interior of our baths.

See the work that goes into every Drummonds roll top bath in this video, which shows something of the expertise and precision behind every product which carries the Drummonds brand name.

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