We manufacture in three core areas

Our approach to Iron

Drummonds' bathroom products are made to order by hand in the company's own foundry and workshops.

All Drummonds’ baths are made from solid cast iron using the time-honoured sandcasting technique first used by the finest Victorian foundries. Each part of the process is hands on, from the hand carving of the resin patterns to the hand pouring of the hot, liquid iron into each individual mould. It is these skilled techniques that give Drummonds’ cast iron baths the quality and thickness that makes them distinctive and durable.

Enamelling and hand-finishing each bath is a process where attention to detail is key. Our unique powdered enamel is sprinkled by hand up to five layers thick, resulting in the beautiful, undulating finish that forms the interior of our baths.

See the work that goes into every Drummonds roll top bath in this video, which shows something of the expertise and precision behind every product which carries the Drummonds brand name.

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Our approach to Brass

In a world of mass production and machine-made products Drummonds adhere to traditional manufacturing where attention to detail is key and time, patience and skill absolute necessities.

We use lost wax casting, a traditional process involving hand carving in wax, creating unique mould’s each time. This method allows extremely fine detail to be reproduced exactly as intended.

Time and care is then taken over the polishing of each piece to achieve an exceptional quality and finish, before each product is assembled, checked and packed by hand ready for delivery.

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Our approach to Clay

All Drummonds’ basins, large and small are crafted using the finest quality English china clay. Each basin is finished and glazed by hand, giving it its own individual character.

The process of manufacturing with clay is time consuming and takes several weeks per basin, but the end results are always worth the wait. In our factories the clay is being constantly mixed in small batches, to ensure the consistency is consistently perfect for firing.

The firing is a procedure that requires care and attention, in order to produce the finest, most durable products. After it has been fired, the clay will shrink by up to twelve percent which must be allowed to happen gradually. With a larger basin just this part of the process can take up to two weeks.

Creating a beautifully made, hand finished Drummonds design in clay really is a process that cannot be rushed.

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